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Termination due to bullying

Dislocations, Terminations, or termination agreements are unfortunately very common in connection with bullying in the workplace. Victims of bullying suffer often long after a change of workplace, or termination, the consequences of bullying.

Advertise job due to bullying

Most of the bullying victims quit their job either itself, or will be by multiple warnings literally prompted.

However, this approach must be not always right. So have the bully finally reached because their goal and work colleagues are going on.

Many are afraid to terminate their jobs

Although clearly suffer most by the bullying in the workplace, are many afraid to change jobs or to submit a notice. This leads at first glance to lack of understanding.

But who look closer, will find the reasons, why victims of bullying themselves rarely cancel. Typical reasons are, for example, the financial dependence of the job, Thus many can not afford simply to terminate.

Another reason may be the sense of shame, because many would stand compared with their close environment not as a loser or losers. Many Gemobbte would like to do, so that the situation improved again, and so that they can avoid a termination. But this approach often leads, that is the situation worse.

The termination by the employer

The easiest and safest way is the termination of many employers in the case of bullying. But there are a lot, What should be considered. So the notice should be on the one, Noting the dismissal and the right reason for termination. If the bullying is already in an advanced stage, then, many employers refer to the right of termination in a disease.

This means, that an employer can then be terminated, If the work due to illness may no longer be exercised. But if a work is terminated due to illness, then, other requirements must be met. Although these may exist in the case of bullying, but not necessarily absolutely need them.

Anyone who feels unfairly treated as an employee, because he was terminated due to illness, although this does not correspond to the facts, He should absolutely find a lawyer. Within the first three weeks, After the notice is received.

A lawyer for labor law is optimal in this context. This can check termination directly on legality and appeal if possible. Whether the workers want to return afterward to his old place of work, It remains here only once sidelined. In the foreground stands here first, If the lawyer is a very good work certificate, or can sue for compensation.

Can workers, bullying other staff, be terminated?

Many bullying victims find it very unfair, When bullies go unpunished. For bullies in the workplace can be tackled, should you develop a strategy first, so that the actions can also be detected. But so many is the bully, that often nothing left them, as to cancel.

But so far it has not always come. Because there are many methods, so the working environment can be improved again, that can of course not flat rate be applied to all situations on the subject of bullying in the workplace.

It is important in any case, openly respond to the alleged bully. Sometimes it is simply a misunderstanding, that can be made quickly from the world. Only, in some cases, it is unfortunately so, being bullied workers without reason.

In this case you should seek necessarily help and advice with others, to improve the situation again. Usually helps only a termination, that definitely should be performed by using a lawyer.

Termination and blocking time for unemployment benefits on bullying in the workplace

Who announces his workplace as a result of bullying, needs are not afraid of an embargo period of unemployment. Because if the employment relationship is unbearable and sickens, then, workers are entitled to unemployment benefits. The prerequisite for this is but, that the bullying and the stress she goes with it, to demonstrate the employment agency.

This is a so-called certificate of specilized. An opinion or a certificate of the attending psychologist, If it exists, also usually is sufficient. In addition, it can be also very helpful, If additional statements from colleagues at work can be presented, confirm that the bullying in the workplace.

Once this evidence at the employment agency therefore can clearly, threatens a no lockout. If the bully is particularly exercised, then also no notice need be kept in most cases. The workplace may be terminated without notice.


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The cover photo by Jon Snyder/Wired.com shows technicians in the clean, Here precision is required. But also in this work environment, it may cause bullying. Actually, no workplace is immune and almost every, whether be mater, Employee or employees, can become the victim of a bullying attack. Even bosses can be driven by your employees in the madness.