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The best WordPress plugins

Top plugins for your WordPress blog


Anyone familiar with the Content management system (CMS) WordPress (WP) its Web pages created, He laughs every day from new. And this above all, because it so great for this CMS and mostly free plugins are.


In principle one could incidentally a WP blog also without a single active plugin operate. But in practice, this looks but otherwise usually. Has it never created with a CMS or similar Web page, do you make first smart, how others do it and reads a.

This article is just for WordPress beginner suitable, But even experienced users of the WordPress CMS are here possibly. still do not know the one or the other featured plugin.


Why do you really need a plugin?


There are plug-ins, the to the increased security of your blog can contribute.

Help others, the Page views to the user faster to make.

There are also plugins for WordPress, Your Make multilingual blog.

A SEO plugin can help, To list your pages and articles on search engines better.

Recognize some plugins Error on your blog and indicate the cause and.

A Backup You must not carry out also by hand , Thanks to an appropriate plugin.

Plug-ins are helper programs, that will help you to, To administrate your WordPress blog better, or to increase the security, or also the user experience to optimize.


My plugin list for WordPress blogs


My WordPress plugin list begins with the most important plugins, You should install anyway and will lead you to other valuable tools, but also, which you otherwise laboriously must look together on many other articles.


Helps the software written by Sergej Müller, To fend off comment spam. After the installation, you can set the language of the comments, that should be admitted. So you can filter out ever much non-English spam at a German-speaking blog.

Also, you should not delete the detected spam, but keep in the spam folder, because so learns antispam bee. In addition, some users use the honeypot, but I don't the in use. Very simple reason, because I'm using the minimum settings and the use of the SI-CAPTCHA plugin (later in the article) have only a few spam comments more.


Die Antispam Filter

Antispam bee: Filter settings


Whether it is the BWP or another sitemap plugin, the one used is probably not so important. A sitemap plugin generates one or more XML files, are listed in the article and his blog pages.

The indexing of my WordPress blogs were always very good with this XML-based Sitemap tool, so I use it for all installations and as a kind of duty plugin.

Ein XML Sitemap Plugin

BWP XML sitemap plugin


This plugin, It was developed by Janis Elsts checks adjustable periods your WordPress blog on broken links, and belongs to the standard equipment of my blog. At the beginning, and if you have only a few articles and pages, is the risk not great, that one created broken links.

But with time you will find, Sometimes external links simply fall away, or accidentally times incorrectly set an internal link. This great and of course free tool you then notified by email automatically.


Broken Links checken

discover broken links


A SEO plugin should also exist in a WordPress blog. I use this with my elegant themes Platinum SEO Pack, more out of habit and because I know now just long.

And that is also why, because the Platinum SEO Pack “Migrate from all in one SEO” stands. I thought so, It can be only better. Some WordPress bloggers swear by that All in one SEO Pack, others use Sergej Müllers WPSEO.


Platinum SEO

Platinum SEO Pack



A meaningful Sicherheitsplugin, that the CAPTCHA function for different input fields can hold. This CAPTCHA support z.B. also the login on your WordPress page, You should also use this feature, the function “Enable CAPTCHA on login form” must be ticked.


Captcha Tool



WP Smush.it plugin takes care of pictures on your blog, and it tries to shrink, What mostly succeeds. So your images are optimized again, and the amount to be delivered slightly more. The bulk-smushing tool can be found after the installation under the menu item “Library”. A first pass will take time depending on the number of existing images, After that, only the new pictures are gesnusht and it is progressing fast.



WP Smush.it



In addition to the WP Smush.it helps also this WordPress plugin, the traffic to the Web client out there, so your readers, to reduce.

Through clever caching features are simply parts of the Web page at the client, so the page visitors called only once. If this z.B. goes on a base, then the parts of the already existing on the home page be transferred not again.

The database is cached, This enables faster access to get and still some more things. This can be faster not only felt a Web page. Page cache, Minify, Database caching, Object cache, All possibilities are browser cache, Optimize your Web page.

Cacheplungin W3 Total

W3 total cache



Since the caching features such as she about the W3 total cache provides, didn't work for my multimedia installations, I use there “Better WordPress Minifiy”. This plugin is compared to the similar “WP minify” again a lot better, it compresses u.a. more effective.

Even you were so really important modules, which should be installed on every blog. Now you go further with the great nice-2-have Add-Ons.


The multilingual plugin uses either Bing or – preset – Google, to automatically perform the translations of your blog. The translation is of course not optimal, on this blog you can select Yes times another language for fun and the result is of course not satisfactory.

With an option you can set up new bases in other language, z.B. www.schreibe.org/en/ then includes the English content. This feature is still in testing stage. This function is still used, Results with German links and some foreign-language content in the search engine entries to come to fruition, also the meta descriptions are not changed.

Here two examples of entries, which were created on the Google results by this plugin:


1. English:

Text by others have | Writing.org

www.write.org/en / lyrics-To write-Let /.Translate this page

14 Feb 2012 -Because I can write not very well even and quickly, have I caught me times text professional help of the broker. Where professionals write, their

As you can see the English translation without manual correction is bullshit eh.


2. Swedish:

Allow text writing | Writing.org

www.write.org/SV/day/text-To write-Let /.Translate this page

14 Feb 2012 -Texterna har. Eftersom jag kan skriva Ännu inte mycket snabbt och väl, have I caught me times professional help of the text broker.

The Swedish translation is still somewhat less usable. Here parts were simply not translated in Swedish.

Why do I still this plugin?

Because just also something like this should be possible in a United Europe, It occurs multilingual. But the search giant with the free translations do not because of course.

Who wants to have a really good translated page, so is understandable in other languages, must still rely on fee-based tools or hire a translator, What of course some need for investment.

Given to some visitors to my blog in other languages entries on Google or other search engines come, but the conversion rate is at this – Yes how tell me best – half-hearted implementation of the translation – of course in the basement.






With this set of features you can use many functions, which actually only WordPress.com users are accessible. I have installed the plugin for me, to have an external statistics of my blog. Externally therefore, because each local solution bloats the database.

Even when operating multiple blogs are generated here already is a lot of data. With the Plugin Stat Press I had kept earlier local stats, today I use Jet Pack stats, located in the WordPress cloud.

Another advantage is the possibility of using the WordPress cloud, to deliver your pictures to the Web page from the WordPress server, What should also represent a performance gain in most cases.

With me but have to use Photon called function at several blogs set problems, the images were not delivered sporadically. So I took distance from this function.

Here a translation of Jet Pack parts from the corresponding WordPress plugin integrated page:


  • Simple, meaningful statistics without additional load on the server.
  • E-Mail subscriptions for blog posts.
  • Social networks enable comment system.
  • Monitor and manage your website activities with notifications in the tool bar and on WordPress.com.
  • Use the simple, by Akismet-protected, How to contact with forms.
  • Use the free WP.me URL Shortener.
  • Hovercard popups provided by Gravatar for your commentators.
  • Media from popular sites like YouTube, Digg and Vimeo simply insert into your blog.
  • The ability, to describe a blog from any email client.
  • Integration with and automatic distribution on your favorite social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn.
  • For the math geeks, there is now an easier way, to conjure up beautiful mathematical expressions on your website.
  • A widget to display the latest tweets. This great feature is the “Wickett Twitter Widget” allows you to
  • Your readers can easily subscribe to your posts via email or their favorite social networks Share on. This function is used by the “Share Daddy WordPress plugin” provided.
  • Improve your writing style thanks “After the deadline”, an application based on artificial intelligence, with style- and grammar. This is from the “After the deadline, WordPress plugin” provided.
  • Thanks to carousel are all standard WordPress galleries, You have embedded in articles or pages, converted into a beautiful full screen photo browsing experience with comments and EXIF metadata.
  • A CSS Editor, with which you can customize your website design without changing the themes.
  • Automatic optimization of your blog for visitors to mobile devices.
  • Mobile push notifications for new comments via WordPress mobile apps.
  • The ability, with JSON applications using secure authentication method to allow access to your blog.

and many more!

Note: The statistics part of Jet Pack used Quantcast.

Jetpack by WordPress

Jet Pack by WordPress


As the name suggests, delete old revisions of pages and articles of revision cleaner. Unobtrusive and easily does the plugin in the background. Quickly, many revisions are arranged in a longer article, each Update brings a new database entry, This plugin should use a clean system then.

Alone for this article, I have 44 Revision produced.


Revision Cleaner

Revision cleaner



The Permalauts plugin allows, To convert umlauts for permalinks when you create automatically. Certainly one of the very useful and still small plugins.

Wordpress Permalauts

WP Permalauts



The great texts of your WordPress blogs to print out well, can you use this plugin to your, This makes a PDF document from your Web site at your fingertips.

PDF Friendly

Print-friendly PDF



This contact form is easy to set up, but works clean. In addition, a file upload is possible. Applying totally different forms are available on a blog. Therefore flexible but easy to configure. Also a contact form is included with Jetpack.



Contact form contact form 7


This plugin allows the integration of analytics code into your Web page. As a result you need to change the header file by hand, but this leaves the plugin. Before the use of Google Analytics, you must create you an analytics account on Google and there set up the blog. This will generate an analytics code number, It authenticates the blog.

Google Analytics is the best free system safely at the time to see, where does the traffic on his blog. Here you can see the visitors of the blog are also extensively from what regions and cities and much more important is also the list with the keywords for SEO, found your blog in the search engines to which.

The integration with Adsense and Adwords to market to serve ads and generate customers makes Google's system more homogeneous and attractive for most companies. When you use analytics you should indicate in the imprint.


Google Analysesystem

Google Analytics


With this plugin you can create automatically your blog backup friends on the dropbox, Thus you always have a backup available in case of hardware damage of the server or other error and you need to rent not own space od. otherwise keep.

This is all great and works really well. Can I put da like clap my blog, are yes no really important data, or? Professional users should be but the share service like dropbox and co. look at times. Even the Security implications within the framework of their corporate performance are taken into account.

Backup per Dropbox

DropBox as a backup


This inspires all plugin, they previously only via widget on the the theme their advertising have switched from predetermined places. Thanks to ad injection is the placement of any advertising AdSense format, possible but also by other providers within articles and pages automatically.

A rotation of different banners and a hodgepodge of configuration possibilities inspire the Admin. Just greater page operators look forward, to not manually intervene in the article, but set to ad injection as Bannerlocator.

Werbeanzeigen steuern

With ad injection control ads


After the writing of this article, I found a very good site, on which the Top 100 the WordPress plugins are listed: The WPMU has made the effort and created this great list.



The picture shows a jigsaw puzzle, in which only a part is missing. Still the one implemented in the WordPress plugins here simply lacks, proper plugin. Possibly. Yes, this is it here in the list and you can complete your WordPress puzzle friends. So the Google monopoly can continue, have fun with the ELISE Street. Who pulls a lot on Google, He can not sure 4.000 Insert. That will take off sooner or rather Google him.



  1. Thanks for this nice list, I have known very many of the plugins, but are some new, I liked that. I'll try Jetpack on my new blog. What are the optimal settings for a there “Default blog”, can you say what?

    • Setting matches the default already so far, If you want you can activate some options more, the photon (WordPress CDN) but it has shown error on some installations of mine, say the pictures not included, Habs again disabled.

  2. Really nice list. Thank you very much!
    The huge plugin offer for WordPress loses the overview you can sometime real.

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