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Sample application template

We write a sample application


Mike Smith wants his Write application itself.

Why not, even the man in the case is. Here on Schreibe.org, where are all the texts, Write and make money goes, do not forget an application template. I thought just.

I have made myself in this area earlier already times smart. Or need to turn better smart. Because one really nice thing, So how about billiards or other stuff to play, is that applications do not write.

Since you must sit down, and produce something meaningful. What you can copy but also a little, but actually it should be from a themselves have been created. And here it gets stuck on some of us already. And indeed it should be good, So really good.

While it is not so hard, and if you are considering times, how much rubbish you wrote in school, then a no brainer is actually yet to apply for a job, or? But already something is made, something like 20 Years.

So it means, Once again hold all the important points for your cover letter. To do this, I use my wall, where I hold the various important areas of the written application.

Some helpers for the pattern applications recommend strict compliance with DIN 5008, where the distance from the top of a letter etc. will be held. The mag for a QM specific (Quality management representative) may be very important.

But in practice, an overall nice presentation is more important. This should make me appear in a good light and if possible even better, than those of other competitors for the job.


Write the appropriate application


If I myself but as artist,or Illustrator will apply as it is called today, then I should also look in my creativity will give insight the HR and deviate from the norm.

I even applied most recently at an IT company as a technician, my CV were also important, but the personal conversation had then causes the positive commitment of the company.

But a nice, Application suitable especially for the vacancy should make a very good first impression of me. Since many write yes today, that the HR managers make smart on the Internet of their applicants. This may be, but you also have to warn, is here a false image at most which surely emerging as “scanned” Applicants.


Scan via Internet applicants


A man not necessarily always professionally traveling is in the Internet unlike in his job. You can and should be popular even in his social environment, often requires a certain swing to comedy and irony, love and black humor is seen. A cover letter is certainly more accurate.

And right here, even the criteria for the adjuster differ. This often does not recognize, how and for what purpose a profile in the network was now built on. Am I really? I have da time Rau left and see my Twitter network statistics, I have strong interests in WordPress and other CMS.

To be sure, but also just a little. I need only the CMS, in order to make the website. Already nothing more. When to write then but a few articles about WordPress themes od. Plugins, then that is equal in my “Knowledge cloud” WordPress with pure planted. While I have no idea, How about WordPress is programmed, or how to write a plugin for the open source system.

Am users stop, and that now already a couple of years. Joomla resp. I found good Mambo, But if you want to operate multiple blogs, is WordPress easier. It is also much faster, its pages to build. So a good example by myself: What you can read from the Internet, not always true.

On the other hand, I know people, they are really cool on the Internet and have always the currently fashionable profile, but then in real life are quite looser. This is achieved by a certain anonymity, hide behind the some people on the Web. Unfortunately you can not definitely exclude that even by remote diagnosis of an Internet profile.

And so then but first impressions in the cover letter count. And so the sorting will start already this document, and in some cases even harsher. Since the application folder moves then the smallest mistake or even suspected equal times in the “Return to sender” Storage. The company is not obligated though, This solution of the candidates to be returned, in most cases this is done correctly.


The perfect cover letter


How is now a right Professional cover letter created?

I have several articles in preparation, gradually there will be set. To do this I will offer some sample applications as a downloadable PDF. So my list has grown already and the wall already well full. On the topic of application I will the article here in the category “To write” set.

You are welcome, you can book you also the RSS feed of this website, then there is no article will see more. Uses the application tips please given here for your personalised letter.


A fun cover letter


…I wanted to set but advance ever. For the, really for the application part, interest which: It takes still, Good things take time. And since I know always try, about to write, It takes just a few days more.

Interesting, can do that so that in the Internet. So without stress in the back, ALA: “Mr Mustermann, Please now but quickly. To 16 I want to have the documents ready watch. Already one sits on the road, It waits, To get their job”.

Yes, I wanted to introduce a fun application, so here she comes:


Mike DOE

Pattern str. 1

80000 Model city (here in the self-proclaimed capital must of course)

At: Company xy (Replace them with any free company name)


????? xystadt

Application for the “Communication”, that I randomly read on the Internet

So first of all I am of the opinion, your company needs me.

I am smart and can convincingly make any things free. My special skills are in the field of communication.

Here I have participated in several competitions successfully and there not reached a good place without a reason (Once I was unfortunately not so good, there I was, but not to blame). Since I had my verbal communication not under control then, as I otherwise actually already have it.

Oh and you need to remember it is also one: I and maybe others have applied for them, because they need us. As communication specialists, you are we.

And not, because we need your company. And so I urge you hereby, invite me. To a meeting, 4 Eyes, where I also can explain again exactly everything you, If you have any questions.

Oh yeah and we clarify the financial then at a brunch in their canteen.

Please send your answer to 2p3-kx1.h4@mail.provider.xy.mail

Note: Name and email garbled by the editorial staff.



Article image

The picture on this article shows a long nose-monkey art. As you know, you get a long nose Yes of the many lies. No tall tales serve better in the application letter, but when the truth remain. The personnel manager will find out the otherwise quite fast, There are indeed u.a. the personal interview with the applicant and then there the probationary period is.

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