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Pattern cancellations

Sample termination phone, DSL, TV, Mobile, LTE


Either a move is imminent, or offer of another telephone service provider is much cheaper than the current contract. There are many reasons, why the Internet, Telephone, TV, Cable, LTE- or also mobile provider will be switched.   Termination of telephone, Internet (DSL, LTE), TV (Cable) and mobile Usually, however, it is by a long minimum term for a long time at a certain ... Read More »

Sample certificate template


The most important references, has to offer a potential candidates, include assessments from previous employment.   Why do I need certificates of employment?   This assessment from previous employers are also called qualified job reference. You are the most important evidence of an employee, in which quality work have been done. As a reference, these documents have therefore a high priority in the assessment ... Read More »

Termination by landlord

gekündigt durch Vermieter

Tenants are often very helpless and surprised, When a notice of the landlord arrives. But tenants, who always pay their rent on time and can be also nothing to be guilty, can not be so easily dismissed.   Termination of rental may issue a termination by landlord When the landlord and tenant what to do about it, is hereinafter ... Read More »

Sample termination contract template

der gekündigte Mietvertrag

The apartment is a retreat for everyone, a place where you can feel comfortable and where your family has found a nest. But sometimes want to change are simply comfortable and think about a new place to rent.   Termination of the lease by the tenant But what is all at the termination of a dwelling to ... Read More »

Termination due to bullying

Stressige Arbeitsstelle

Dislocations, Terminations, or termination agreements are unfortunately very common in connection with bullying in the workplace. Victims of bullying suffer often long after a change of workplace, or termination, the consequences of bullying. Job because of bullying terminate Most bullying victims quit their job either itself, or will be by multiple warnings literally prompted. However, this approach must be not always right. ... Read More »

Notice template pattern termination


You would think a simple task, is writing an informal notice to the employer. Because really, not much is needed. The address of the employee as well as the company or. should be well known to the competent Department in the company. Place a termination letter as workers in the plant you will find a pattern denunciation. Then it applies the ... Read More »