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Curriculum vitae sample

One Template for the own Curriculum vitae, include the key points in the life and profession. In chronological order correct order, as well as Open and complete from birth until the day of the creation should correct Vita be written. Also this year, it will be very important, to make a good impression in any application.

I know, What must a resume and I am only interested, quickly DOWNLOAD SAMPLE CV can.

Lebenslauf-Beispiele und Mustervorlagen

Build a CV for a template

This Sample CV will serve as a template, to the Curriculum Vitae, as it is also called the CV with Latin names, to be able to write your own.

Of course you can write off just so that, but as how each of us different his life lives, also the CVS are so different. So almost no curriculum vitae can match the other, because already at the same time who goes to school, has the same training and after that same profession?

So are various vitae

For younger people, the example involves a training- or apply for job, the names of the parents should be integrated.

One goes directly from the school coming into an employment relationship, the or the next aims at training, or so that seems to be now standard, It moves in an elaborate study.

The best time of life is also often called a Bachelor. That may be good, that also fits in well with the CV. At least, If you not immediately again cancels the study.

According to the Time of learning is that in many cases Period of work on us to. Here are also significant differences, different stages of life arise depending on qualification and training. Of course this must be considered when writing a CV. Unemployment also can enter time after school.

Are there different types of resumes?

Yes, There are in addition to the (usual) tabular still the functional and the detailed Curriculum vitae.

At the CV the stages of life in chronological order in the form of a table are represented. In recent years it went on, the current entries to bring up. Tend to be more interested in an employer or human resources manager, What did you last. So is the so-called anti-chronological presentation include in the sample CV.

At the functional resume represented the education and the professional activities in blocks. This form of CV is nowadays hardly used.

The detailed curriculum vitae is hand-written like an essay with heels for the particular activity or the specific subitem. Also this kind of Curriculum Vitae can be found nowadays rather rare.

What comes in the CV?

First, whenever you are Before- name and surname of the creator with his current address. Then still be Birthday and the Place of birth.

The Marital status, so single, married, Another point is divorced or widowed, Here is inserted. Marital status is not the relationship status by the way, so also accounts for how “seems to have” :-).

Also the Number of children is required here. In most cases, only the children registered in the Board are interested in. You can have the rest very fond, but better leave out in the CV.

It is followed by Education, in each case the last reached Conclusion is specified with.

Further, you will be Training, Period of study, Internships, Military time, up to date recorded Jobs, as well as unemployed times seamlessly integrated into the curriculum vitae. These are also acquired Certificates and important Continuing education specified. To each bullet, a brief description of the running should also Activities and Experiences exist. A membership in a Club, one Party or other Organization in the CV can be taken purely, If it submitted to the benefit. As well as Hobbies, Interests, References and other activities, that can be interesting in connection with an application.

Note: All mentioned in the CV Testimonials can be provided as an attachment. A photo of the candidate is usually placed in the context of an application in the right upper part of the resume/CV.

Do you want to sign the CV?

The answer is in principle: Yes, a CV is usually signed. With the handwritten signature, it confirmed the accuracy of the information provided about themselves.

Sample curriculum vitae in pdf format

First, here comes the chronological resume, then the anti-chronological.

CVs for download

The chronological resume is predominantly application, If you have a few jobs behind.

Download chronological CV

The anti-chronological CV shows the last school and professional career as first.

Download reverse chronological resume


Article image

The front cover shows a stick figure, that drags in his curriculum vitae. As well as the stick we're also, each of us has to carry his bag or packet, through the whole life.


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