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Free Backlinks generate

How to get free backlinks?


This question needs to be, if his website in the search results, also like sanning called SERPs of the search engines, will continue to bring forward. To get free backlinks, There are many ways, you all can try it.


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Some backlinks are valued by the search engines weaker, other better. This can, for example, with one or more of the articles Free Backlink Checker check tools presented.

In principle the following important rules for the back link building also apply to the upcoming Google updates:

1. No duplicate content in the network, This may not the search engine.

2. Something more than the Half of incoming backlinks should no keyword Include their website. Keyword “Naturalness”. It should be about your name or simple or.

3. Create one Fan site, at least on Facebook and G for your project, find a few fans and link your articles there.

4. Most PR should:n/a and PR:0 Refer back links to your website, then in descending set of PR:1 to PR:10. so supposedly “natural” Link building.

Note: If someone should pay for a back link for this page, schonmal vielen Dank 🙂

5. Switch keyphrases in the backlinks, many links with the same keyword help less safely.


Article Directories


Here many free sites help, where you can make your website known. Article Directories invite you to upload text with backlink opportunity. Still, article directories have their raison d ' être. Some of these directories same but correct text garbage dumps, where are spammers funny on it have been out,

They put hundreds there with joy, Thousands of texts from always with the same goal: A website in search engine rankings with a few keywords to push forward. This is but now probably also recognized by the search engines and be less weighted.


Guest Books


Yes, there are still, and Yes we know longer there's life. At least there are still some of the old-fashioned guest books, Here you can suck quick and easy a back link, many of the guest books are also set to follow, so here is a good potential for generating back links available. But don't overdo, the guestbook owner may otherwise annoyed throw out the entries or close even the whole book.


Web Directories


But the many free Web Directories when one can build backlink to bring a little more. It is the company entered the private website, or there, often linked to the local one gets so few visitors to the site and one or the other backlink.


Public bookmark portals


Providers such as Mister Wong or Folkd can you publicly save its bookmarks and create some free backlinks without much effort. If there gebookmarkte page is also quite popular, then you also benefits from other users, continue disseminate the just-interesting links. And so fairly quickly many backlinks can be obtained at a popular topic.




If you can generate an RSS feed, then it is also worth, register at its website the RSS directories. There is provided a product preview of the feed and some can also share the feed, so that it can be shared on other websites.

I've also used some of these here in the blog RSS service. In Dofollow blog from Martin you will find a list of many German RSS directories.

In my projects I use always the possibility in WordPress, You can distribute the articles as RSS feeds. Create goes but also without WordPress RSS feeds. So I create also with domains, which I still don't immediately wants to project, at least 3,4 Article, to then enter the domain in some RSS directories.

Thus, some free backlinks are generated immediately at the beginning of a project. In addition, most RSS directories are do-follow eh, pass so your link juice to the target link.


Link exchange without Themenrelevanz


In addition, there are many webmasters, offer the possibility to link exchange with anyone, on their Web site. Usually you have to first put on your own site a return link, Then they send off the form, and if the webmaster wants, you also get the desired Backlinks. The topics of relevance here is indeed most desirable, but not essential.


Link exchange with theme relevance


In addition, webmasters can be found in the forums, often offered by other webmasters, who are willing to exchange a link like. It is often prescribed as a compulsory, that from the same industry, comparable with Pagerank, and best yet in the same region linked to the competitors.

This brings also usually more than links from non-topic pages. Google's Matt Cutts has at least made the statements in some way in the room.


Authoritarian pages link as donor


Very good often is also a link of higher quality sites, are already many years on the market. Some universities, Universities and other prestigious organizations.

Or well-known companies such as IBM and Adobe, their websites often have a Pagerank close to the ideal value of 10 have. A good tip here is the CISCO blog, I have intentionally put a link to it ;-).

By Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of the Google search engine, developed and to give the Master Page named Pagerank, brings you information about the value of a web page.


The Links


Many people are sociable and organize themselves in associations, Clubs, Regulars and the webmaster is certainly in one or more of these round tables on the Internet, the forums.

There are now enough forums, and many also allow the use of back links in the footer, or you can sometimes put directly in an article linking back to his side. Some forums also have fairly high PageRank, that benefit can be. A selection of German Forum, but they're easy to find anyway.


Blog Comments


More and more blogs decide, switch to do-follow, give a higher incentive to annotate. An idea for finding Do-Follow-Blogs on this blog, Also a search on Google for the Keywort “Do-Follow-Blog” brings here many useful results.

It probably also with success, for Do-Follow Comments are often posted quickly, and to an often well worth the backlink get quick and easy. Becomes popular then still under WordPress Comment LUV plugin used, can you accommodate his keyphrases in comments also. There are already some list, especially with Do-Follow Blogs. Who runs a WordPress blog, For example, using a Plugins his blog on Do-follow set.


Link from their own websites


Also, you can create yourself some websites, for example, Blog.de, there you can even build free websites. Can enter on the website also links to its own page, and thus one can again generate some backlinks.

The more different IP addresses used here, the better, for it is also important for the ranking of Backlinks. This method is of course complicated, because it is free but, Here one can hardly do something wrong.


Customers or business associates


Very well suited to customer contacts, Corporate clients or business contacts and friends to build backlinks. Because they know each other so, is a conversation on the subject certainly not a big problem, and often this results in a very valuable contact, of one of his friends then spend again Backlinks.




In social networks like Facebook and Twitter can also generate backlinks. These and other factors be used more and more to evaluate active and socially performing Web pages by search engines.

Eine simple Facebook-Seite is now easy to create and does not last too long, You can invite as his FB friend, a “I like it” leave.

Now thats but also somewhat frowned upon. Good content or outlandish ideas must produce, for example in services such as Pinterest to stand out there and pinned-pinned and re to be.


Press release


Another interesting species, a free backlink to get, is to make a press release and distribute it.

There are different providers in the network,where its news in the wide world can bring. For example, when the PRCenter.de can it be found, as well as OpenPR.de and you can generate many more free backlinks for his website through press releases.


That's it for the time being subject, I hope one or the other got a thought nudges and will take care of one or another topic, to its website in the Serps (Search Engline Ranking Position) to push forward.


Der Blogger und Student Christopher hat in seinem Artikel zum Backlinkaufbau noch ein paar interessante Möglichkeiten zum Aufbau von Backlinks aus Trusted Sourcen aufgezeigt, need quite a lot of work sometimes, but then can find to voluntary backlinks, How about the creation of a home or a CSS directory.


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The associated PIX of this article on the topic “generate free backlinks” the cables shows a huge bridge. These ropes wearing the clamping bridge around so how good backlinks can help your Web page in the SERPs.


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