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Notice template pattern termination

You would think a simple task, is it Writing an informal notice to the employer. Because really, not much is needed. The address of the employee as well as the company or. should be well known to the competent Department in the company.

As workers put up a resignation letter


In the complex you will find a Sample termination.

Then it applies the legal notices to be observed, the in the § 622 of the civil code are clearly defined. The wording of the law is:

(1) The employment contract of a worker or an employee (Employee) can be cancelled with a notice period of four weeks to the 15th or the end of a calendar month.

(2) Is the notice period for termination by the employer, If the employment relationship in the operation or Enterprise

1. has lasted two years., a month before the end of each calendar month,

2. has lasted five years., two months to the end of each calendar month,

3. has lasted eight years., three months to the end of each calendar month,

4. has lasted ten years, four months to the end of each calendar month,

5. has lasted twelve years, five months to the end of each calendar month,

6. 15 Years passed, six months to the end of each calendar month,

7. 20 Years passed, seven months to the end of each calendar month.

When calculating the employment duration times are, prior to the completion of the 25. Practise of the employee are, not taken into account.

(3) During a probationary period is agreed, for a period of six months at the latest, may be terminated the employment contract with a notice period of two weeks.

(4) The paragraphs 1 until 3 different rules can be agreed by collective agreement. In the scope of such collective agreement, the conflicting provisions of the collective agreement between non-tariff-bound employers and employees are, If your application between them is agreed.

(5) Contracts shorter than that in paragraph can 1 called notice will only be agreed,

– If a worker to the temporary backup is set; This does not apply, If the employment relationship over a period of three months, will continue;

– If the employer usually does not exceed 20 Workers employs workers only to their vocational education and training and the notice period is not less than four weeks.

In determining the number of employed workers are part-time workers with a regular weekly working time of not more than 20 Hours with 0,5 and not more than 30 Hours with 0,75 to take into account. The individual agreement longer than that in the paragraphs 1 until 3 mentioned notice remains unaffected.

(6) For the termination of employment by the employee no longer period may be agreed for the termination by the employer.

It was also already. In theory at least, can you get off from his employment contract so quickly. In practice, it is however advisable, especially for a long length of service, his boss to inform beforehand. The longer this period has, the then released point to occupy, the better.

And that will not harm sure them as an employee, on the contrary. A fair dealing with his boss, even when the termination itself, Perhaps it has still be good in the future. Keep in mind, that you want to apply again later somewhere else.

This new application could be requested yes then from the previous job times, so how the employee has worked and how satisfied they were with him. If then everything fits, to get the new job may quickly.


Why put up a resignation letter?


To set up a resignation letter as an employee is not so difficult, but should always be on formal grounds. Announces one not, and just stay away from work, will this lead to a written notice of termination by the employer. Oral notices are not valid by law.

Send the original signed by hand the company by letter, or there are the concerned human resources department, or directly from the head down. It takes you exactly, can you issue an acknowledgement of receipt of the company.

The employer must be as workers in any case a resignation letter with your provided performance evaluation. You just stay away from work, will be sure not very good assessment of the employee.

So better to write his resignation even and finished. To do this you can use the enclosed letter as template.


What are the consequences of the termination of an employee?


Announces it due to other activities or bullying, or because the employee did not receive his wages by the employer and must therefore complain, is the employment agency for payment of unemployment benefit obliged, otherwise, a lock is usually.


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The picture shows a handshake of two parties. This can be to confirm an ordinary termination. In addition, a written notice must be then but also Additionally. In any case, it is always better, to correctly deal with the company as an employee in the termination of employment, This can pay off in later positive.

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