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How to use special characters and symbols, the search results of search engines (SERPs) revalue? Generate entries with special characters tricks, achieve this higher clickthrough rates.


Enhance the SERP results with special characters


You should try this just once, I had pretty good results and a visible increase of in click rate z.B. with the OK sign and the fat middle dot as separator of keywords to the page. Other symbols and characters certainly help, to separate the wheat from the chaff as a.

Since I ever can remember the special character with old-something me and I need one but again times, I got this List of ASCII characters and Unicode symbols launched, which I now also quite like to use.

Again and again I fall over an entry in the SERPs, contains special ASCII characters and behold, I myself am also tempted, This entry click, Although maybe a including the entry would be high-quality. But I like better the symbol or special character entry, and as I click then hold more on it out of curiosity.

Some popular examples:

Fahrrad.de is currently ranked 1 on Google, If you post “Bicycle” searches. However, they use special characters in the Web page description, to draw attention to your listing in the search engines:

llll➤ Bicycle günstig✓ to buy & until -40% sparen✓ now in the Bicycles Online shop Bicycle.★★★★★ de Mon-Fri until 16 Watch ✚ shipping order today!

Here you can see very nice, How to use the various special characters leads to a quite attractive entry. The people of Fahrrad.de can save the use of microdata, usually the yellow star in the game come as a result in the SERP entries.

But also the 5 Black Star at this point catch attention. After the searchers “Bicycle” It probably also not particularly interested, where are the star and that they are not yellow.

Other entries can be found in the same sector, create it with weird characters in the SERPs. The bike-Discount.de is ranked 2 for the search “Bike” and Lo and behold, also here is working with special characters:

www.bike-discount.de /.

The 5☆ ✓ shop for bicycles, ✓ Bike parts, ✓ ☆ cheap order ✓ clothing and accessories, quickly and reliably delivered ☆ Bike-Discount.

Components – Bikes – Bicycle clothing – Sale
Using the star here, however as I find not so cleverly done, as with Fahrrad.de, the full star because it better suited. Get more attention, and you want to reach that Yes.

You can find Bikeunit.de in the bike search on eighth, also the use of special ASCII characters seems quite appealing:

www.bikeunit.de /.

Bike Shop bikeunit.de ★★★★★ downhill✓ & Freeride✓ Bikes all brands! Ready to race & super cheap! SHIPPING TODAY – order Mon-Fri until 16 h

So now we have some example and certainly also has optimizations can be found. But already quite well managed, I find the version of Fahrrad.de.




Superscript numbers

With the button “AltGR”+”Number”, i.e. “AltGr” + “2” =² “AltGr” + “3” = M3 you can create under Windows squares, the superscript 2 means yes square something and that 3 Cubic something. So great HTML special characters, that one indeed just doing a mathematically-themed page is bentutzen more.

With these two superscript numbers you usually comes to cope.

If you now but times a asked high 4 wanted to make for a 4 power, then what?

In the text program open Office or MS Word is simply, There is a simple trick: “CTRL” + “+” puts up the numbers, “CTRL” + “#” deep.

Represent break or breaks in the PC as HTML special characters

⅛,⅙,⅕,¼,⅖,⅓,⅜,½,⅝,⅗,¾,⅔,⅘,⅚,⅞ You can create with MS Word, of course, is usually the spelling with the standard numbers: 1/2 or 1/8.

Copyright symbol ©

© In the word processor MS Word is the copyright to generate symbol with alt c, or just here out copy.

Registered trademark symbol ®

® Some companies use the registered trademark symbol, How about the Lufthansa. The combination of AltGr R in MS Word as, creates the icon.

Unregistered trademark symbol

™ is used in the English-speaking area and can be created under Windows with the keyboard shortcut Alt 0153.

Currency symbols as special characters in HTML format

Cent symbol ¢

English pound £.

$ $

Japanese YEN ¥.

Euro €

Chinese renminbi ¥.

Plus - minus sign

The undecided or plus - minus sign ±

Minus - plus-character

A more funny character is the ∓

Sharp s or SZ

Instead of double s taking the sharp ß in German often

Degree sign

For the temperature gauge needed ° degree sign

Per mille sign

The character for per thousand ‰

Infinity as special characters

The symbol for infinity ∞

Commercial and

The commercial and &

Commercial minus

The negative sign of the merchant ⁒

Zoom characters

The sum is σ

Square bracket links

The left bracket [

Square bracket right

the right square bracket ]


The Paragraphzeichen section

AT sign

Like used in the mail @.

Alpha characters

The Greek Alpha α

Micro sign

The Greek my character µ

Central point

A point in the Middle •

OK sign

✓ special characters for OK

The root characters

Drag the root √


Arrow to top ↑

Arrow down ↓

Arrow to the right →

← Arrow to the left

↕ Arrow up and down

Double arrow left and right ⇔

Star sign

The star characters *

Advanced star ☆ characters

Full star ★

Characters of introduction of

➤ Introduction or full arrow to the right

Clef easy

The simple clef ♪

Double clef

The double clef ♫

Thick plus sign

✚ the thick plus sign

The pipe character

Through the pipe |

The non-characters

Unequal things ≠

Approximately equal to characters

So roughly ≈

The moon face full

☻ the moon face as special characters

The bright moon face

The funny moon face ☺

The male character

The symbol for masculinity ♂

The female character

The symbol for femininity ♀

The sheet sign

The wager ♠ sheet

The character of Pik

The character of Pik ♣

The check character

The symbol for diamonds ♦

The heart sign

At the end of probably the most beautiful special characters in Unicode, the heart symbol or even heart icon: ♥


And here again the vorgestelleten Unicode symbols and special characters gathered in bold type to the next copy:







Here are a few Unicode symbols to copy:




ASCII table

Table I created and even an ASCII to, After my first list has been good 20 Years was old and printed only on paper.. Here it goes to the ASCII table


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    But what I did not like, is the too frequent use of special characters. It looks back not look nice and not really animated to click :).

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