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Text writing and cash

A lot of text exchanges and other providers can be found now on the Web, which one of his texts and documents like for money purchase. If these texts fluently and in good style, as are written without spelling errors.

Write as author in Internet texts for money

Somewhere I've read times, that set best out maximum 15 Words should consist. This, in order to be better understood by the reader. Carefully read through this article, If you already write texts for money at one of text broker. But also, If you plan, making money on the Internet as author.

With good unique texts you can build up a little side income. And even more it is possibly, for example, a text Office.

Housewife, one student, Pensioners or even student, but other people, who are already in employment and it is where fun, Texts to write and earn money.

You look into the past, Middle of the last century, then the freelance copywriter in the Printbranche was wanted in the local newspaper. Thereby he earned himself a few mark, by supervised a column, or reported to by a local event.

Nowadays often write Trainees and apprentices in the company the article text or product descriptions. Want to write for clients for money, can you choose a provider on the Internet, on the man then writes lyrics.

The large providers the text dealers at the market runs the machine as lubricated, Orders from customers in a database are commited and written by the pending copywriters. Providers such as about the press network and also Contentworld you can write articles without a job and then market it.

Provider in the field of text marketing / Text dealer

This Contentbroker, before a few years under the domain Textox.de as pure intermediaries without any price guidelines launched,  There is a Weighting the quality of author in the star-classification, the of 2 Stars up to 5 Stars ranges.

To get around a 2-Star lyricist 0,8 Cents per word paid on an open order. A 5-Star lyricist can with, however 4,0 Cent in an open order and 4,5 Cent direct order know paid per word.

Very nice, I found also an integrated Earnings calculator for authors, allows the author a basis for calculating his potential monthly income on the basis of its quality classification and its daily produced texts. Da Content.de that applies prepaid procedure, is the text already paid, If you deliver him.

The minimum payout is also low 10.- Euro.


When this text broker, you will get also a classification in a quality system, This ranges from two to five stars. The 2-Star author Here is on open order orders with 0,7 Cents per word paid, be 5-Star Colleague gets 4,0 Cent credited as earnings per word. What here well I liked is, that at the Direct order the author set his merit per word itself and so with the client individual prices AB 1,5 Cents per word can agree.

In the Team order a team is formed by several authors. There are public teams, You can participate with as author, even if the topic is a good. The closed team is created by the customer, This this selects the involved authors directly.

Here, the customer sets the price per word, the Minimum payment is here 1,37 Cent. As I have heard from colleagues, is this type of procurement very popular with the clients. Also text Broker uses a prepaid procedure, so that here the payment is secured.

The minimum payout is also included in 10,- Euro.


The text dealer Contentworld will attempt, the Pricing as transparent as possible to manage, it the number of the words flow in the calculation of the price of the written text, the category of text, the previous assessment of the author and the exclusivity of the text. The texts are measured directly by the customer.

In addition, you can write not only on behalf of, but also texts related to an interesting topic or a specific subject as set. You can offer its text to exclusive or none-exclusive, Authors receive 71,5% of sales, which was generated by the text. A meaningful Example to the earning potential can be called in the author info from Contentworld.

The limit for payment is included in here 25 Euro.


Together with the lyricist job board authors and buyers of texts. Offers in the area there are Freelancer, Part-time- as also fulltime jobs write in terms of texts. The deals to be found of copywriters and clients, as also the applications you can add for free.

The available there categories range from the Web content copywriter on the Printtexter, Copywriter, Press lyricist, GhostWriter, Speeches lyricist, Songwriter and lecturer until language lyricist.

There is also a page for bloggers, the Bloggerjobs.de was launched by the same company.


At this Textvermarkter, behind the content fleet GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, There are some topics, where articles and texts can be written.

Payment is made per word delivered from, the author later itself determines the word price: The better the quality, the higher the payout. It is a system of 1-10 used, in which also the spelling, Punctuation and the content of the texts incorporated.

At the time of the creation of this article are texts from the fields of computer- and console games, Consumer electronics, Looking for car and motorcycle as well as holiday and travel, where the topics are continuously expanded.

The minimum payout will be lt. Lyricist fleet reached after a few articles.


Payment of the author

When the referred text dealers and article marketers zzgl. UST. paid out, Some providers also require a Proof of sales Steuerpflichtigkeit the author's.

Contentmaximus ®, that is native to the Switzerland and the other cases is the Payment with net.

Write texts for money so!

Einnahmen durch Effizienz steigern


  • There will be the text traders mostly different quality levels taken into account. A plain text, which also has spelling errors is doing only minimal, paid for some brokers with less than one cent per word. A professionally written, Text associated with a research effort is of the Contentbörsen, as these are also called, with up to 5-6 Cents per word paid. The creation of unique content is required for all providers, only when Contentworld, there is the possibility, To set none-exclusive content for marketing.
  • More recently, there are also some customers, the Special WDF * IDF optimised texts request, Here one must be a little smarter than author than others, to meet the increasing demands of the clientele. It is no longer enough many customers, Intersperse a number of keywords in the body text, the new method should lead to better rankings in the SERPs. But how does this form of text creation, What is required and how much (Multi)Effort does this mean for me as an author? A first look at the Google results leads to na…Wikipedia
  • So bring a text from a beginner so, still contains a few spelling errors and other imperfections, such as 300 Words ca. 3 Euro a. The Professional with gold or just five stars but can at this quantity Text over approximately 15.- up to 18,- Euro look at a text dealer.

Registration as a writer for the VG Word

You constantly writes articles for the Internet is, possibly. also by the way or as a second profession author. The collecting society offers word each for his articles in the Internet royalties, which will be paid from a minimum call number of referred to in article.

In addition, the recyclable items must at least 1.800 Attacks exhibit and freely accessible be, be so also not copy-protected. The minimum calls are included in this 1.500 Seitenabfrufen year.

This is equivalent to about 4-5 Daily pageviews, What should be loose inside an article listed well in search engines and corresponding interest of the user in the network.

To do on the Web page, in which the article appears, a counting tokens from Metis, the Meldesystem for TExt on InternetsED to be installed.

A sample calculation of what that might look like:

Receives calls in the year articles between 1.500 and 5.999, Gets the author for this 6 Euro paid out.

Are the polling numbers in the range 6.000 and 23.999, be the author 9 Euro paid.

AB 24.000 Access (2.000 per month) be of the VG Word 12 Euro paid out.


An author writes, in 150 Article, it get 30 more than 24.000 Views, 50 more than 6.000 Calls and 70 more than 1.500 Views.

30 x 12 = 360 Euro

50 x 9 = 450 Euro

70 x 6 = 420 Euro

This would then be a total 1.230 Euro in the year, the author word be paid out by the VG next year then. And the texts normally remain in the net, so in the next year by the then “old” Articles can be benefited.

Word sign in the VG is so strongly recommended, If they meet the above criteria. This is straightforward and can be here be performed. Is your WordPress, then you can use the plugin free and comfortable your tracking pixel “WP VG WORD” enter in the article. It works for me so simple and great, I got almost no pixels from the first list. Unfortunately, some updates have passed now and I do not know now exactly who this plaque in care but I do not look forward to every case, because it is unfortunately crashed at another installation, and I now have to make all these data for the few Euro any more buck you get from it

Moderator im Chat, take off as a chat moderator or simply modes

So now we come to what a completely different, but it can also be seen under the umbrella of the text, I brought it just here times now, because I think you might also like, So it comes, that one causes at an agency often, then used as a chat partner in any chat just as moderator, which also calls itself like controller, because you just write other people who have signed up on a platform something, which now comes just depends on what is.


If I am, for example, in the erotic chat now, then I have just come also act accordingly, So then this is not always something for everyone, for since it's off already sometimes the real thing, I want to not perform so on now, how could there be so, grins. In principle, you would just other people who have signed up on a platform something, as an example in the erotic chat that would be in Rated 18 Format was. Since I have just come correspondingly act, So that's then tell maybe not so rum, for since it's off already sometimes the real thing, I want to not perform so on now, how could there be so, grins.

Astro Chat

So of course this is a very special thing, since you can now not everyone ran I think, this should be really itself a bit interested in astrology, I for one can not do that, because I've got to be honest about little idea, So there are certainly many out there especially women so women, who are looking for a part-time and who may have also engaged in astrology a little. These can then in this Astro chats now earn a lot of money, of course, is also always depends on, which chat you describe as. Brand can be here when you might normally writes only a few euros per hour rausholen, if you are really fast and also better then with time, to get even sometimes double-digit revenue EUR, Of course now per hour.

What are the evening hours of a chat moderator your chat moderator?

Especially in these chats applies just as well, that most will then work, when others have their free time, say most customers have ye always so in the evening, when just the other so are at home, who normally work a day, and of course find especially on weekends. Of course, the holidays just are very popular, and you should also definitely work then, because then just generally more customers are as moderators, What's also important.

As it were the conclusion of the chat moderation

That is to say, that just maybe himself simply spends his Feierabend with chat partners and this can be paid, I think that's actually quite a good idea, so the way to earn a little money and that's even one thing that has hand and foot, there really is purely what, if you are the hired even with the right agency, I'll come still on it what is there to recommend. Because even in this genre there are just a few bad apples, the first time allow the presenter to work and then sets out to, Unfortunately there are still no money at month end. Which of course then leads to problems in general, you can then argue and so on but if you like the already? If you like then let his precious time and his nerves nor for something, one wants to really enjoy it.

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