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Experience with Textbroker


Because I can write even not very well and quickly, have I caught me times professional help of the text broker.

Where professionals write, but also pupils, students and housewives, their texts on a broker sell. I can recommend only to the end of text broker, but only 4/5 Use Star lyricist, and order the orders via direct order or better yet group.

There is a characterization of the lyricist by 1 until 5 Stars, so like in a hotel, the prices vary accordingly. Here an excerpt of delivered texts in the open-order procedure, so it was said to me on German matter, who writes the articles.

2-Star lyricist (as a spelling error in it cannot be ever):

Order: Text for a page on the United States: Americaurlaub.de


Travel report Texas

Who dreams not ever of in the footsteps of famous hiking from C.R.. on in the Wild West, According to Texas to make. Whether with the camper, the rental car or even a planned vacation, Texas is worth more than just a journey. Wide areas and large herds, exude the romance which dream Western films can be Cowboys and wild.The wild side of Texas offers not only high mountains, Pasture and huge Kornfeld, No also an impressive coastal landscape, does the State of Texas with its three climate zones offer.

With its endless expanses, Texas offers something for all holidaymakers the wide range of national parks and its own wild charm. Nature reflected the blue of the sea here in its most beautiful colours, the green of the forests, the yellow of the desert and the Brown of the swamps and mountains. State is no US partner and romantic than Texas.

The culture of the Texans is that the Mexicans also a small little, because the border is not far and the State has a high number of immigrants, What accounts for its traditional independence.

A city tour through the Texas Prairie, past the mountains and herds, worth all times. Because the 20 most economical and larger cities are in Texas. In addition to oil and there are the huge cattle ranches that support the State economically with the livestock.

Just the diversity of the country and its constantly changing landscape, lures on a journey. The big cities show vibrates its skyline and the life where one goes and stands. Just these opposites of wild nature and large modern make up the charm of Texas. Texas just like you from the other States of colorful food and is proud to be.

Holiday on one of the large ranches or in one of the huge cities, adventure is pure and who visited but the desire packs whom C.R. simply. on his lighthouse.



Because I need no Duden, to determine, that the text was written by someone,by writing so much idea has as a dry slice of lemon. I would have even not even managed the wishy-washy nonsense with so many errors, you forgive me the expression, so shit out.

Second attempt

Since I believe but in the good in people, did I again make a text about Texas, by one with 3 Stars classified lyricist, which fit then also.
Good mood from a decent 3 Star text did I try it again with a 2 Star writer, for the Prag.biz I needed even a short shot, a quickie travelogue, which should stimulate,times quickly to visit Prague. I was delighted at the Castle,the stone bridge, the old town etc. Here the result:
Strolling in Prague
At Prague impress his unusual Art Nouveau architecture and atmosphere, I would like to stroll its streets three days.
Our visit to the Jewish cemetery illustrates my feeling, History to breathe: The old gravestones are closely, are partly upset. The annual figures show, as you moved closer together. A symbol for the narrowness of Jewish ghettos.
Prague is known for the variety of its museums, the Jewish Museum in der Josefstadt is around the corner. Did know, that the Nazis built Jewish museums? It was 1942 founded by the Germans, to include the property of short previously deported Jews.
We have seen the National Museum on Wenceslas square and have been attracted to an art exhibition. The Museum was again close to the Danube River and Charles Bridge. The next day it went from Hradčany down in the streets. In the Bohemian quarter, the Flâneur sees the proximity to German culture, the different colors- and small are stylistic, charming differences.
The author stroll in his report for days strolling through the streets and the Jewish cemetery in Prague, a cheap flight to Prague not worth, then quite short time yet to address the other sights of the Golden City of Prague.
At least the writing style and grammar are not the a Grundschülers, Therefore, the text with some modifications already solala to use is.
After these two attempts with 2-star, I now prefer themselves write copywriters. Costs less. Or I give the orders in the area of press releases etc. a real Journalistin, as an alternative.