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The best WordPress themes

• WordPress: Which theme is best?


After I have gone this issue as many other WordPress users, Decides also but the used theme, whether a presence on the Internet will be successful or not.


As a pure, simple SEO theme is certainly the default WordPress theme Twenty Ten / Eleven / Twelve / Thirteen / Fourteen / fiveteen and so suitable further, to perform its services for about a mini page. Is but everything clean gecoded and the basics of a Web page are available there. Moreover, it is quite fast at the page structure, What also plays a small role to the ranking.

But wants to offer something more, then the default layout of the Twenty-Ten and his successors but somewhat dusty or acts you already know from other sites.

Looking to sooner or later but for alternatives. Here to try some demos of free WordPress themes, then after a while to determine, that is not so true.

You can then finally comes to the conclusion, is for a Professional theme to decide, the man then also buys. So it's been at least for me and probably for many colleagues history with WordPress runs exactly. But which of the thousands of WordPress themes is really the best?

Here one must examine the necessary and important points, making a good theme. On the one hand not a leg in the way to put the ever important SEO, a theme should have been created already also makes sense in this direction.

Then the graphic, the layout of the page, This should make also a very good idea and even how to program itself, written and also optimized is the code clean according to the guidelines. Today, the speed of a Web page as a ranking factor counts, performance should therefore not be slowed down by the WP-Theme.


• Thousands of themes for the CMS WordPress


So all in all a real challenge, among the many thousand themes now the best WordPress theme to find. From the many experience of colleagues and what you read on the Internet on the relevant pages to the themes in General, can you make have an opinion.

Where many providers are, and this is the case especially with the theme market, There you will find many beautiful themes, the one as a demo presented immediately say to. As long as these are free of charge, can you install ja times. But I have made the experience, the free WordPress themes for me not all good.

My hoster and good friend recommends getting a slim system, that the server not loaded. Well is sure, that would be already perfect. But this theory comes quickly in the, because then we would have Presser all rely on lean Themes such as the Twenty-X by WordPress.

Everything looked then but somehow just lean, and if you time a few blogs with this free “Slim” Themes has built up, then you can see it eh no longer. What else must(Te) forth.

For my WordPress pages I then quickly signed up for the package of Elegantthemes.com decided, at a very reasonable price of only 69 US$ alot of very good, offers professional themes. Simply the best and most economical package for me, to get on the market is. In addition, easy to use and also to operate with little knowledge of English.

News in March 2014 are there already 87! Professional WP themes, the man himself there after registration and easy payment (via PayPal) can download. Every month a new WP theme is added, Updates and customizations, such as about the optimum display on mobile clients are updated continuously for the older themes.

The newer themes are anyway all “Responsive” delivered. Quite interesting is the newest Theme “Two” from the home of Nick Roach, maintains the boss who is also eager customer contacts.

This Theme is probably the best modular Theme by Elegant Themes and it should alone one the 69.- Be worth U.S. $, to install itself the times and a page put together. I'm not a designer, but what is with this theme now possible under WordPress, I was really surprised positively.


• The “Elegant” Downer


Elegantthemes however has a downer, the I want to speak necessarily, and when operating multiple blogs requires the then something additional:

A differential update for new releases of WordPress themes has not been available in the Elegant Themes so far. They usually put out the theme previously used, then to play on the new.

The changes in the meantime, a few are with me though eh, in the footer, or in the Style.css, This will be lost. This one had to then Populate each time you update again.

Meanwhile, there is now the possibility, to bring about the creation of a Child-Themes automatic updates.

To get an h1 tag on the home page, have to intervene manually. In the sub-pages and articles, however, the articles are correct, and automatically- or page headings to the h1 tag.


Best WordPress theme


The positive experiences with Elegantthemes outweigh it simply, the price is not even a bargain. Rather a joke, When you consider, that many vendors for only a single professional theme from its portfolio 50 US$ and more demanding.

With Elegant Themes you get for 69.- $ Currently already 87 really very good and professional themes. That should you but its value!