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The new Google image search

Im Test – The new Google image request for engine


There is probably no man on this earth, She has never used: the Google image search. For research, but also for leisure and hobby is the Google image request for machine the probably most frequently invoked and used the world. While the search engine giant remains always further expands its edge over other service providers.

When I was a boy, We had to look in books, If we didn't know anything, or ask someone. Today, many only in Google search. Is fast and up to date, In addition, you will find angereichtertes with pictures and videos, often this just too vivid material.

I think everyone will agree with me, that not everything is right, What can be read in the net. But there are sources such as Wikipedia, where you simply trust. While most use ensure primarily the text search, but also the image search in Google is used like.

But something has changed, because at the beginning of this year an update was installed, This should further increase during this year. This update we want to even closer look at Schreibe.org and critically examine it.

Not every innovation must be Yes is a good thing. Especially when what comes from Google, do you have with everything. Really nice animals such as penguins and pandas, quiet and peaceful in the Zoo, become equal through Google right online-Stampeden ;-).


New features in Google image search


On the whole, two features have been changed, These are but. Not only from technical, but also from a legal perspective, Google has probably soon with some criticism and some problems to be expected.

Although the new layout and the menu is nice to look at and also appealing to the user, but technically some was complicated.

For example, you are new Thumbnails, now when hovering with the mouse on the result are. There is useful information such as the size and source of the image appear, However, this gadget produces a massive loss of speed for the user. Long load times for a nice pop up practically expressed.

Another shortcoming in the innovations is the new design of the result view. Instead of the usual Google frame there is a completely novel, Results view designed according to the wishes of the user.

But here, Google has incorporated a trick, the particular Web site operator should annoy:

Now to land on the target page with image, lands of users regardless of right view, This comes directly from Google's servers and allows only a choice between the options: Viewing image, Visit the landing page and image options.

Other content will be bypassed so directly and hidden. A Plus so for the users, a clear Minus but for the providers of content.

The new Google image search is not yet active while in Germany, However, the feedback and criticisms of users of other countries allow corresponding conclusions on the, What is expect within the next year.


Problems of the new Google image search


Although the new Google image search for the user is quite optimized, It has a big weakness but just for daily use: the required traffic. The older version was not just famous for its high speed, However the user was compensated through the mini previews of the images here.

The new thumbnails with the information, the usual way actually stand under the images, cause a massive Traffic problem when testing the new search function of the image request engine.

Even in countries, in the new Google image search already is used for longer, for example, England or America, Sue users on a very slowed use.

But not only the slow speed is a problem. For website owners, new problems arise from the new results view. Massive slumps in the daily traffic and sharply declining visitor numbers are a problem, Content providers must deal with in the future.

Although the individual image pages are visited as often as before, the other contents remain but entirely unaffected. Declining revenues through advertising and a lower distribution of content are the consequence of.

A not insignificant point, the quickly could develop for Google into a homemade problem, is but the search engine just on content dependent on.


Litigation around expect Google's image search


Auch juristisch wird Google hier in Deutschland mit einigen Problemen zu kämpfen haben, sollte die Firma ihre neue Bildersuche eins zu eins in Deutschland anbieten. Denn während bisher der Rechteinhaber dafür Sorge tragen musste, dass seine Inhalte nicht dem Google-Suchmaschinen und der Ergebnisanzeige zur Verfügung stehen, ändert die neue Ergebnisansicht die juristische Sachlage grundlegend.

Denn diese ermöglicht es dem Nutzer direkt auf die Bildansicht zuzugreifen, das Bild zu kopieren und, ein gewichtiger Punkt, die gewünschte Auflösung nach eigenen Wünschen zu verändern und das Bild auch mit dieser Auflösung für eigene Inhalte zu verwenden.

Der von Google hinterlegte Hinweis zum Urheberrecht reicht deswegen laut Ansicht der meisten Experten bei weitem nicht. Hier besteht also noch Nachbesserungsbedarf.


Die neue Google Bildersuche – Für User gut, für Webmaster ein Grauen


Google hat also mit der neuen Bildersuche eine für User recht angenehme Suchmöglichkeit geschaffen. Zwar stören die etwas langen Ladezeiten, doch bisher hat Google immer schnell und zügig auf solche Probleme reagiert.

Doch wie schon der Artikel auf Marketingblick aufzeigt, wird Google in der Zukunft vor allem mit juristischen Problemen zu kämpfen haben. Denn um die Veröffentlichung auf der Ergebnisseite der Bildersuchmaschine auch wirklich zu ermöglichen, müsste der Konzern nach geltender Rechtslage die Erlaubnis aller Rechteinhaber eines Bildes einholen. Ein Vorgang, der in der Praxis unmöglich umsetzbar ist.



Das Foto dieses Artikels zeigt Mike Hutner, den Betreiber dieses Internetauftritts. Oben und unten mit einem schwarzen Balken versehen. Noch grinst er, könnte man meinen. Aber wie alle Webmaster kann er natürlich nur den Kopf schütteln, ob dessen was Google mit seiner neuen Bildersuche angestellt hat.